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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I don't think I've ever seen this before, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Samsung anf Google were supposed to unveil the Samsung Nexus Prime with Android Ice Cream Sandwich next week, but in a surprise announcement, the companies said that the press event is cancelled - out of respect for Steve Jobs. In the meantime, leaked specifications reveal that the Nexus Prime could be a real doozy.
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When it comes to Apple reviews, they are - by definition - not to be trusted. Sites like that MUST be nice and kind about Apple, because else Apple cuts them off. They are the IGN and GameSpot of the tech world [when it comes to reviews - otherwise they're relatively decent, esp. Ars].

And we see evidence of this where?

If you want real reviews, go to the likes of AnandTech and Tom's Hardware. Those are the real tech journalists. Major exception to the rule is Siracusa, of course. He's a legend.

Benchmark sites. Appealingly objective in their informational content, and informative provided your question is specific enough.

As for myself - my response to the iPhone 4S is a big resounding meh exactly because I'm a nerd. I never said it wouldn't sell or wouldn't be a success - because at this point, Apple could slap a logo on a turd, call it the iPhone X, and sell 34 million of them by quarter's end.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. You recuse yourself from human taste and understanding by calling yourself a nerd, tacitly claiming that your expectations are special without giving any hint as to what they might actually have been, and go on to insult the general public with a flippant remark that they're so uninformed and tasteless they'd buy Apple-branded feces, ignoring the fact that Apple's products have the highest customer satisfaction ratings while selling in the tens of millions, something no amount of loyalty or marketing could achieve. Whom could a journalist who believes such thinking is insightful ever hope to inform?

The iPhone is disappointing because it is, but people will buy anything because they will, and that's journalism. Who's the one trying to sell shit?

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