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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I don't think I've ever seen this before, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Samsung anf Google were supposed to unveil the Samsung Nexus Prime with Android Ice Cream Sandwich next week, but in a surprise announcement, the companies said that the press event is cancelled - out of respect for Steve Jobs. In the meantime, leaked specifications reveal that the Nexus Prime could be a real doozy.
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I'm sorry, more than my word I cannot offer. It's pretty much a given though - you can't critisize Apple and still get early access to their stuff for reviews, or press invites. That's how Apple keeps a tight grip on the press, and ensures all early reviews are positive. I have dealt with Apple about this a lot, but of course, it's all confidential. I can undersrand you won't believe me, that's fine.

As for Siri - you just proved my point. You haven't used it, have no idea how it works, yet you automatically believe it's perfect and will change the world. You're a believer in the church of Apple.

I'm not. I'm a sceptic, with everything (except Fiona Apple). I want to actually use it first in a real-world environment. Then I'll judge.

And you're right, Apple did not invent Siri. They bought it.

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