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General Development "Google has released an early version of Dart, a new programming language designed to take some of the pain out of developing applications for the Web. But while it's an evolutionary improvement on JavaScript, Dart faces a hard uphill battle for acceptance."
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by burnttoys on Mon 10th Oct 2011 21:34 UTC in reply to "js"
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Hmmm... I do think it's a bit of a weird sell - that is to pitch this as a JS replacement but as an application language it's not too bad (I'll admit I haven't _really_ dug into it).

Standard sort of class/interface stuff going on. Generics look usable but, like Java, have nothing like the expressive, computational qualities of C++ templates.

Given the more rigorous type engine I'd expect faster code execution than JS too - probably less type/method searching going on.

However, 10 out of 10 for "isolates". They seem to have a solid memory and process model but have made the message sends "invisible" - that is a method invocation becomes a message send. The doc I read didn't go into a huge amount of detail on the actual implementation (are objects copied as they go across the process boundary or have they implemented a binder/ref count system with (maybe) CoW)? Simply hiding the implementation this way is good enough.

As an application programming language I wonder if it was a better use in Android? It can't be _too_ hard to port Java code to Dart once the libraries are put together and lets Google stick 2 fingers up to the over inflated ego of Mr Ellison.

Maybe getting it into browsers (even if only Chrome) is a good way of getting an implementation into developers hands.

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