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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "India has launched what it says is the world's cheapest touch-screen tablet computer, priced at just $35. Costing a fraction of Apple's iPad, the subsidised Aakash is aimed at students. It supports web browsing and video conferencing, has a three-hour battery life and two USB ports, but questions remain over how it will perform. Officials hope the computer will give digital access to students in small towns and villages across India, which lags behind its rivals in connectivity."
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by zima on Tue 11th Oct 2011 06:20 UTC in reply to "Comment by error32"
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There seems to be a mini Cold War going on in that part of Asia? Something which usually impacts such "banner projects" first...

After all, both sides of the big Cold War of the XX century avoided officially using the expertise of the other... even if both of them did, also in "secret projects". Heck, there's one apocryphal example of the US using, via few overt companies, the Soviet expertise in advanced metallurgy and micro-machining to essentially order from them fairly inconspicuous, at first sight, parts ...ultimately essential in some of US spysats, of all things* (if not true, there's still the confirmed example of how A-12 and descendants were made out of Soviet titanium)

*and that's possibly not even the most hilarious of the examples (going all ways). Tu-4 being a copy of B-29, the first successful US cruise missile ( still firmly WW2) was the V-1, history of Jerrycans, how the Soviet RPG-7 is now even made in and used by US forces, Waffen-SS copying the Katyusha ( ), or the F117 (US stealth tech in general) also inspired by and building on some Soviet breakthroughs ( )
Never particularly admitted, never sticking in collective conciousness of the nations. ;) But not doing it would be just stupid (but it seems this Indian project tries to go somewhat in that direction)

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