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General Development "Google has released an early version of Dart, a new programming language designed to take some of the pain out of developing applications for the Web. But while it's an evolutionary improvement on JavaScript, Dart faces a hard uphill battle for acceptance."
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More like C++
by geleto on Tue 11th Oct 2011 08:28 UTC
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Everybody says that Dart falls between Java and JavaScript. But to me - it looks quite close to C++. 99% of the C++ code I write can be trivially translated to Dart and a clever compiler should be able to optimize the result just as well as the C++ compiler. The most notable differences are with the memory manadgement and multithreading (isolates are nice, but different).

Generics look usable but, like Java, have nothing like the expressive, computational qualities of C++ templates.

Untyped classes/functions ARE templates, you just have to be carefull how you use them. For instance don't call an untyped function if the compiler does not know the types of the parameters you call it with.

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