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Windows This was an inevitability, right? Android applications were already running on the PlayBook operating system as well as on Maemo (and even some rumblings on iOS), and now BlueStacks is bringing Android applications to Windows. Today they released the alpha version of the BlueStacks App Player, which will allow you to run Android applications on Windows.
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RE[3]: Wine
by B.Jay on Wed 12th Oct 2011 13:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wine"
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by jabjoe:
As already mentioned by others, there is already a Linux system to run Android apps.

Like what?

- Android Emulator (from Google)?
Oh come on, compared to that Java/Qemu crap even my smartphone is a high-performance cluster.

- Android-x86 (in VBox/VMware)?
Second best joke right behind the Android Emulator. While it runs it's lacking the feature to rotate an app that's starting in portrait mode at will. May not really be a problem, on a Desktop/Laptop it's impossible to use an app in portrait mode. Apart from that, I yet have to come across a Android-x86 build where the keyboard layout selection works.

That pretty much sums up all the Android Emulators / PC Ports I happen to know.

On topic:

For an Alpha release BlueStacks actually works exceptionally great. While it's not perfect yet (hence the "Alpha" tag) it's a whole lot more useable than i.e. Android-x86 is. Apart from that it's pretty fast (can't confirm the "it's slow" from the commenter below).

Once they got rid of that annoying Facebook login requirement, managed to have networking and keyboard layout selection working, and dismissed that laughable Desktop gadget for a windowed mode where I have a tablet-ish Homescreen I would actually buy the Pro version.

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