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General Development "Google has released an early version of Dart, a new programming language designed to take some of the pain out of developing applications for the Web. But while it's an evolutionary improvement on JavaScript, Dart faces a hard uphill battle for acceptance."
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by -pekr- on Wed 12th Oct 2011 13:24 UTC
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Oh, just look into the source code - AllThisLongOldSchoolAproachLetsAddEvenMoreHereToMakeItEvenCooler :-)

What ppl seem to depreciate, is, that the popularity of the language might not be defined by thier uber-cool features.

As for me,I don't like this JAVAish syntax. Well anyway - ppl never learn. Programming should be for ppl, not robots or PhDs needing to feel they finally can utilise their college uber-knowledge.

JavaScript, Python - much more readable. And Google has Guido on-board. If Dart is supposed to replace JS, I wish it follows Google Wave route :-)

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