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Internet & Networking "BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin will be asked to offer customers the option to block adult content during subscription According to new measures to be announced by Prime Minister David Cameron, online pornography watchers will have to place a special request with their Internet Service providers (ISPs) to watch pornographic or sexualised content online. The prime minister is holding a summit at No.10 today with 30 media and retail executives, including broadcasters, magazine editors, trade bodies and advertisers, said the Daily Mail. Cameron is expected to announce the crackdown after Mothers Union charity chief executive Reg Bailey submitted a report on the matter after six months of study." The fact that this can happen in Great Britain just goes to show how brittle concepts like freedom of speech really are. Where people in the Arab world fight for the kinds of freedom we have, we in the west just hand them over to extremists. Un-frakking-believable. Any British folk in here? How on earth did you guys let this happen?
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RE[3]: As a british subject
by Icaria on Thu 13th Oct 2011 03:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: As a british subject"
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I shouldn't have to filter this stuff it should be done by the isp.
If you want to coddle your kids, do it yourself. Making it everyone else's responsibility (and making everyone else pay for it, in every sense of the phrase) is a cop-out.

Nobody wants to do this setup this stuff because it is to difficult
Buying a box and following a wizard isn't 'too difficult'. If you can't do that, then get the same geek who installed Office for you to do it. The reason most people don't bother is that they really don't give a shit; they'll just give the appearance of caring if asked. If you were really that worried, you would have sought advice and installed filtering software back when you first signed up with an ISP.

and complicated except for nerds who have nothing better todo as they have no social life.
Good job lashing out. You're responsible for kids, did you say?

Should I have to grow plants and crops before I can eat vegetables? Customise a car and tune it before I can drive one?
Depends, are you going to die if you see some titties? Shit analogy.

Then try re-reading it again it makes perfect sense.


This doesn't even make any sense.
Now you're just childishly contradicting me. Again, you're responsible for kids?

What has this got to do with what I said or the topic at hand?
It's called special pleading, dear. If you think people who want to watch porn, "shou[ld] be adult enough to admit to wanting to watch it", you should be willing to front up and divulge all your deepest, darkest secrets, as an act of good faith and logical consistency.

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