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General Unix Twitter is currently buzzing about the death of Dennis Ritchie, the visionary creator of UNIX and C, among other things. We hope it's just a false rumor. Story developing, we will be updating. Update: Unfortunately, it seems to be confirmed. Rob Pike, co-creator of the Plan 9 and Inferno OSes, who has worked with Ritchie in the past, and he's currently working for Google's GO language, posted this.
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RE: Hard to avoid comparisons
by orestes on Thu 13th Oct 2011 04:20 UTC in reply to "Hard to avoid comparisons"
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I sincerely doubt either party worries much about it at this point. I would also hope that people wouldn't turn it into a posthumous epeen match by proxy.

Acknowledge the work that both men accomplished and learn something from their failures, and let it be beyond that.

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