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General Unix Twitter is currently buzzing about the death of Dennis Ritchie, the visionary creator of UNIX and C, among other things. We hope it's just a false rumor. Story developing, we will be updating. Update: Unfortunately, it seems to be confirmed. Rob Pike, co-creator of the Plan 9 and Inferno OSes, who has worked with Ritchie in the past, and he's currently working for Google's GO language, posted this.
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RE[6]: horrible to hear
by Kebabbert on Thu 13th Oct 2011 08:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: horrible to hear"
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In all likelihood, Jobs will be virtually forgotten twenty years from now. A hundred years from now, Ritchie will be remembered. The reason is simple: historians have a tendency to choose the significant figures and ignore the rest. Ritchie was a significant figure because he helped to define programming languages and operating systems. In effect, he was a 'nation builder.' Yet Jobs was more of a pop culture icon. His real contributions were in the 1970's and 1980's when he helped to build a business that popularized computers. But the reality is that there were hundreds of people waiting to step up and take his place. You can't say the same thing for Ritchie.

It makes sense.

There are lot of big business men back in the 19th century. Who remembers them? No one. But many have heard about Cantor (19th), Einstein (20th century), etc. The scientists.

Who know about big business 2000 years ago? Who know about Pythagoras who lived 2000 years ago?

If you discover a new important scientific discovery, you will be remembered even 1000s of years later.

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