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Humor Last month we discussed how computers are portrayed in cultural icons like Lost in Space, Star Trek, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, and -- of course! -- that lost gem, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. This article continues this essential exploration of American culture with more probing profiles of computers on TV and in the movies.
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RE: HAL/Clippy
by Doc Pain on Thu 13th Oct 2011 23:24 UTC in reply to "HAL/Clippy"
Doc Pain
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Are you saying that HAL is a descendant of Clippy?

I am sorry dylansmrjones. This question cannot be answered. It's the best for the mission. Why don't you just take a pill? Relax? Everything will be fine. There's nothing you need to know.

And this in turn reminds me to the robot "officers" in THX-1138 - beating people with sticks, electroshocking them and asking them to be calm and happy.

I'd like to repeat my pointer to "Starring The Computer" at where you'll find a nice list of (1st) computers shown in movies, as well as (2nd) movies showing computers.

Of course, the Imsai of "War Games" is in there as well as the Apple II of "Tron", as well as the Burroughs of "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes". Sadly, there's no mentioning of Proteus IV and its (his?) terminals. And don't miss Doctor Strangelove's IBM 7090!

And whenever you feel safe, remember: "There is a terminal available." :-)

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