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Legal Yes, I'm hearing you guys - time to tone down a bit on the patent news. Hence, a summary here of recent developments concerning the various legal cases between Samsung and Apple. Today in The Netherlands, the judge ruled [Dutch] that Samsung will not be able to block the iPhone/iPad from the Dutch market. In the meantime, the Australian courts upheld the preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, while the American courts ruled that while the Tab indeed infringes upon Apple's design patents, Apple has not yet convinced the judge that that actually matters. Tying this all together with earlier rulings we already covered - it seems like judges across the world are really, really willy-nilly. Update: DailyTech has some detailed visual comparisons between Samsung's and Apple's devices, as well with the various design patents. Huh. You don't say.
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RE[5]: The real loser...
by Gone fishing on Sat 15th Oct 2011 11:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: The real loser..."
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I think you are over estimating politicians. Certainly to think that that politicians and he “establishment” has the ability to run a conspiracy that keeps them at the top of the pile, is a mistake, they are simply incapable of organizing such a thing. Few politicians, even have a vision, let alone a plan of those that do, most cannot retain it realpolitik. Most cannot think beyond their careers or even the next election.

Many politicians would want to “Make sure that the young are educated in appropriate skills and technologies and have the confidence and discipline to innovate.” However, they don’t know what it means, or the faintest idea of how to get there. The are much more short term pressing issues and if you can take a short term fix, even if it will create a problem in the long term – well that’s someone else’s problem. Software patents would fall into this type of thinking.

Never assign to malevolence what can be assigned to disorganization, thoughtlessness or stupidity - certainly if the malevolence requires any type of self-sustaining organization involving more than 3 people.

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