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Features, Office "The LibreOffice media team has passed along some new information about what was revealed at this week's LibreOffice conference. At the Paris conference, experimental versions of LibreOffice for iOS, Android, and for web-browsers were revealed."
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RE[2]: Broken Promises
by bassbeast on Sun 16th Oct 2011 07:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Broken Promises"
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Then for all intents and purposes its worthless. If you need a bunch of plugins to make it work? Then it is NOT web based, anymore than some big flash/silverlight/.NET mess is web based. Its a client based app with SOME web elements.

If they truly want to make something web based then it should work with the major browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera (I'll give a pass on IE, as you usually have to hack around to get it to work anywhere near a standard) and do so WITHOUT having a bunch of extra crud installed.

Because be honest folks: How many non Linux machines do you think are out there with GTK? Answer: Damned few. This also eliminates schools, libraries, offices, and anywhere where the user isn't allowed to just install whatever they want. Kinda kills the WHOLE POINT of the web don't it? After all if I have to install crud why not just use the native client?

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