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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ah, it's that time of the year again. We already had this up on the sidebar, but I figured we'd turn it into a proper front page item - mostly because I want to discuss the move by the Ubuntu team to no longer install GNOME 2 as the 'classic' desktop option - which pretty much ends any and all involvement for me with Ubuntu (KDE 4 here I come). There's more to this than just that, of course, so those of you who do like Unity still have enough reason to upgrade.
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RE: From now on...
by bassbeast on Sun 16th Oct 2011 07:22 UTC in reply to "From now on..."
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What frankly amazes me is that anyone is still trying to push bloated Linux clients on the desktop when you have this amazing thing that could easily be the future that you COULD and SHOULD be pushing instead.

I am talking about Expressgate/Splashtop which if you haven't tried it is bloody brilliant. Instead of trying to get rid of Windows? You give the user both but with NONE of the normal hassles of Linux. NO CLI, NO forum dances, NO 6 month upgrade driver borkage, all of that is just...poof!

Instead what you have is this truly insanely fast Internet OS that does the web in 6 seconds from button push to running, and that is even with a HDD and not a SSD, you got web and chat and email and media, and it all "just works". Oh and it also extends battery life. on my EEE I get 6 hours under Win 7 HP and 8 hours under Expressgate. So if I don't need Windows apps, but just the web? BAM, there it is, all nice and neat and perfect.

So I don't get why anyone still cares about these distros that frankly haven't gained any ground when you have this amazing game changer you could be pushing instead. Instead of killing Windows you just go around it and give the user CHOICE. Windows for when they need Windows app, EG/ST for when they don't. It just needs the community behind it and writing apps for it.

Instead it will most likely be ignored for the latest Ubuntu Manic Monkey or whatever its called, which will gain zero share and for the masses won't even be a blip on the radar. Kinda sad really, it would be like somebody went back and gave the community the designs for the iPad before Jobs ever came out with it and they said "Nahhh, we think this CueCat thing is gonna be a smash!"

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