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Features, Office "The LibreOffice media team has passed along some new information about what was revealed at this week's LibreOffice conference. At the Paris conference, experimental versions of LibreOffice for iOS, Android, and for web-browsers were revealed."
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RE[3]: Broken Promises
by Lennie on Sun 16th Oct 2011 20:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Broken Promises"
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You misunderstood. No plugins are needed.

The GTK-backend is a webserver and runs on a 'server' and you connect with the browser like any other website.

The GTK-backend generated a slightly more optimized VNC-like stream of pixels (as far as I could see).

HTML5 Canvas, WebSocket & JavaScript is used to display it and relay the mouse-over and click events back to the GTK-backend on the server.

So again, no plugins are needed. It works with IE10+ and pretty much all other modern desktop and mobile browsers in the near by future.

The only reason it doesn't work in IE9+ and other last year browsers is because the used to be security problems with the new websocket protocol.

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