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Features, Office "The LibreOffice media team has passed along some new information about what was revealed at this week's LibreOffice conference. At the Paris conference, experimental versions of LibreOffice for iOS, Android, and for web-browsers were revealed."
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112MB on a phone is way too much. I don't really care if it's open source or not as long as it works, it is functional and it is efficient.

Oh, for the love of God! How could I possibly make it clearer that the numbers came from a 64bit (in words, sixty four b*i*t*s) machine, which in most usage cases increase the memory consumption by a factor of 1.3x - 1.8x. (Simply compare the opcodes of i686 and amd64 and you'll understand my point)
With this in mid, a possible 32bit android port should consume 60 - 80MB of ram depending on the compiler optimizations use and the code itself. Before you shout that even 80MB is far too much both the Google Android browser and Firefox 7/mobile consume ~60-70mb on my SGS2.

- Gilboa

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