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Windows Well, its not official yet, but Microsoft's Windows 7 has now become the most widely used operating system. . . Windows 7 now has a strong 40.21% share of all desktop operating systems around the world whereas, the usage share of Windows XP has slipped to 38.64%. All this happened a couple of days back (in October). The rise in usage of Windows 7 and the drop in usage of Windows XP has been consistent since the time Windows 7 was first launched.
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by laffer1 on Mon 17th Oct 2011 20:52 UTC in reply to "RE: weeee"
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It really depends on the environment. It's not just a matter of slapping Windows 7 on a system and handing it to a user. That will work in small shops, but in enterprise environments they have to actually test software compatibility, but updated licensed for any software that no longer runs on the latest version of windows, etc. Plus, some types of businesses are heavily regulated with respect to computing environments. Drug companies come to mind.

I don't like IT dragging their feet either, but it's not always their fault. Sometimes it's even developers or management. How many internal web apps are IE6 specific still? Developers (or management) are at fault for that. (I am a programmer for a living now, but used to be in IT)

I think the change in numbers has more to do with many people waiting 5 years to upgrade their computers. Most of these people intentionally skipped Vista. Still others bought a cheap netbook with xp on it and found it to be really slow and useless after a year or two.

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