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General Development Just-in-time compilers, browser wars, and developer enthusiasm are just a few of the trends separating today's hot scripting languages from the pack. InfoWorld's Peter Wayner surveys programmers, commit logs, search engine traffic, and book sales data to provide a barometer of scripting languages -- JavaScript, ActionScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, Scala, R, and PHP -- providing a best-guess forecast of which languages are rising and falling in scripting hipness.
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RE[7]: LOL @ Javascript
by obsidian on Mon 17th Oct 2011 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: LOL @ Javascript"
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"Core, More, Class, and Natives are all signs that JS isn't the greatest."

I very much see Coffeescript and Javascript in the way that a high-level language relates to bytecode or assembly. I think people will increasingly be using Coffeescript, and they won't care about the Javascript that it compiles to (just as people who use Python don't care about Python's bytecode).

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