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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ah, it's that time of the year again. We already had this up on the sidebar, but I figured we'd turn it into a proper front page item - mostly because I want to discuss the move by the Ubuntu team to no longer install GNOME 2 as the 'classic' desktop option - which pretty much ends any and all involvement for me with Ubuntu (KDE 4 here I come). There's more to this than just that, of course, so those of you who do like Unity still have enough reason to upgrade.
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RE: Everyone loves to hate unity
by DMon on Mon 17th Oct 2011 21:22 UTC in reply to "Everyone loves to hate unity"
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Have to agree P13 (aka Kevin). Unity is not that big a deal. Bugs will get worked out and frankly the unity interface stays out of my way most of the time. I do wish I could make the icon's smaller than 32 pxl, but otherwise the system works for the most part. I liked the old CTRL+F2 functionality and being able to edit my last used but otherwise it's still works and you sometimes have to type a little more. It's not a deal breaker.

I look forward to it's changes that will eventually come but otherwise it works. I still have my shell commands and I'm still more productive with unity than I am with Windows 7 or Mac. But that is mean.

All systems can be better. If you are not happy with the one you have then use one that you are happy with. If you are just unhappy with everything then code your own or start participating in the various communities with constructive criticism. Stop the pissing and whining about the glory days of way back win.

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