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Windows Well, its not official yet, but Microsoft's Windows 7 has now become the most widely used operating system. . . Windows 7 now has a strong 40.21% share of all desktop operating systems around the world whereas, the usage share of Windows XP has slipped to 38.64%. All this happened a couple of days back (in October). The rise in usage of Windows 7 and the drop in usage of Windows XP has been consistent since the time Windows 7 was first launched.
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by Soulbender on Tue 18th Oct 2011 19:04 UTC in reply to "Comment by ilovebeer"
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PC gaming is huge, to say it's not is simply ignorant.

I don't think anyone with a clue would say it's not. Heck, gaming is the one and only reason I even have XP still installed (sure sure, wine works but not always).

The Windows OS is not nearly as "bad" and "non-stable" as Linux users are constantly saying.

I don't know who's saying this. Windows been pretty stable since w2k and even more so in XP. Still not as stable as *nix, especially not on the server side, but not nearly has horrid as it used to be.

The Linux OS is not nearly as "good" and "stable" as Linux users are constantly saying.

Depends what your metric for "good" is. It sure is stable though.

Nobody should be surprised Windows is the dominant OS

I'm not suprised but I'm not surpised Lady Gaga is popular either.

not because of some secret conspiracy against Linux, but simply because it's a great OS for the average user.

Are you sure massive marketing and and a serious OEM foothold has nothing to do with it?

There isn't a single OS that is blatantly better in all areas and for all users.


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