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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless What many of us wondered the moment Research In Motion announced the PlayBook's QNX-based operating system has now transpired: the Canadian smartphone and tablet company has announced BBX, their QNX-based operating system for both smartphones and tablets - in other words, the expansion of the PlayBook operating system into smartphones.
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by Gestahlt on Tue 18th Oct 2011 22:07 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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This wasn´t meant to bash at all. Its just so sad that they wont come up with anything useful lately. Seriously, what do they think? As stated in the main article, most other platforms have this kind of eyecandy (even 3rd party). Its wasted effort to compete with the same every other platform has. I really miss the innovation there. QNX is quite a powerful platform and RIM has experience in the market. They had their moments with the BlackBerry. And just to use this potential to make another Tablet to fool around (where HP also failed with their webOS) seems just stupid. I neither see a new level of entertainment or productivity.

I dunno how you guys feel but im crying out for a change. Since the switch from CLI to GUI there hasnt been anything different except it got more colourful and woohoo.. 3D.

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