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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless What many of us wondered the moment Research In Motion announced the PlayBook's QNX-based operating system has now transpired: the Canadian smartphone and tablet company has announced BBX, their QNX-based operating system for both smartphones and tablets - in other words, the expansion of the PlayBook operating system into smartphones.
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by zima on Wed 19th Oct 2011 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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I just glanced over one Nokia N9 review ( ) - and, like suspected, its Meego indeed seems decent (here's hoping its refinement really will be what lives on in, recently ~confirmed, Nokia post-S40 Linux "feature phone" OS); quite elegant, clean, uncluttered, no widgets.

And most crucially here, your "Some time ago, as a former amiga user, I welcomed arrival of full screen apps" reminded me about how screens in AmigaOS could be dragged to reveal, also partly, another screen/application - and it made me realize that N9 Meego essentially reimplements this as a major UI paradigm, in swipes.

Hm, maybe it even sort of continues the Amiga spirit in more ways - it's apparently quite light, snappy, nicely multitasking on a not-stellar hardware. Also, well, dead and pricey - yup, uncanny resemblance to Amiga (in its state for a decade+) / you might like it? ;) ;)

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