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Gnome Antonio Ospite explores Gnome 3 in fall-back mode and tries to make it look and behave more like Gnome 2.32 again. This summer Linus Torvalds made it to the news for complaining about the gnome-shell design; Gnome fall-back mode is the solution for those like Linus who can't - or better, do not want to - use gnome-shell just yet.
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Not that bad
by TADS on Sat 22nd Oct 2011 00:48 UTC
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I've been trying out GNOME 3.2 + Shell for the past few days out of curiosity and honestly... it's not as bad as all the angry comments make it seem.

Sure, there are some things which leave you baffled trying to figure out the reasoning behind them, but overall I really like its concept of virtual desktop management (task oriented, grow as needed, does a good job of exposing every opened window from the overview), the way the ALT+Tab deals with multiple instances of the same application and the fact you can disable all notifications easily if you want to minimize distractions.

Some tips which will keep you sane if you decide to try it out:

* Install gnome-tweak-tool to change the fonts and other useful settings
* If you hit ALT while selecting 'Suspend' you'll get the 'Power Off' option instead (really, GNOME devs?...)
* Left click opens an application, CTRL + left click opens a new instance in the same desktop, middle click opens a new instance in a new desktop

And if you're trying it out on Ubuntu 11.10...

* apt-get install gnome-shell
* apt-get purge appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt
(gets rid of a couple of annoying bugs related to Unity's global menu bleeding over into GNOME shell, re-install if you want the global menu back on Unity)
* apt-get install fonts-cantarell
(if you want the new GNOME default font, but really, it's awful, just use Deja Vu)
* apt-get install gnome-sushi
(if you want the new nautilus file previewer, kind of pointless imho)

Alright, feel free to flog me now.

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