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Apple So, how serious is the legal battle between Apple and the various Android phone makers, really? Surely, it's just logical business sense that's behind it, right? Calculated, well-planned precision strikes designed to hurt Android where simply making better, more innovative products isn't enough? Well, no, not really. We already knew Steve Jobs took this personal - now we know just how personal.
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by WorknMan on Sat 22nd Oct 2011 01:10 UTC in reply to "RE: So I guess that..."
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Schmidt sat on the board of Apple. Saw the product pipeline for years to come, and then suddenly the product offering change from Google changes. Google announces that they are going to release a smartphone that was initially supposed to look like a BB, but ended up looking like an iPhone, Cloud based apps, a tablet, and a unified OS. Just coincidence huh?

Doesn't really matter; these operating systems are constantly stealing features from each other (iOS5 stole Android notifications from Android, while ICS stole the new folder creation stuff from iOS, and also stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks from WebOS and WP7).

This whole 'who copied who' shit is getting old, especially in the smartphone realm, and it really needs to be buried once and for all. Even if you could prove indefinitely which one copied more, it still doesn't matter, because people are going to use what they want to use regardless of where it was copied from.

Arguing over this stuff is like competing in the special olympics ...

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