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Apple So, how serious is the legal battle between Apple and the various Android phone makers, really? Surely, it's just logical business sense that's behind it, right? Calculated, well-planned precision strikes designed to hurt Android where simply making better, more innovative products isn't enough? Well, no, not really. We already knew Steve Jobs took this personal - now we know just how personal.
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RE[2]: So I guess that...
by JAlexoid on Sat 22nd Oct 2011 02:37 UTC in reply to "RE: So I guess that..."
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Saw the product pipeline for years to come, and then suddenly the product offering change from Google changes.

1st point: How about timing? Touch oriented Android was presented for the first time a very long time after iPhone was released. First device was released a year and 3 months after iPhone was released. almost 2 years after iPhone was announced. If Schmidt had any insider information, wouldn't Android be touch oriented from the start?

2nd point: Schmidt was CEO of a company that publicly bought Android in 2005, when he was asked by Steve to join Apple's board in 2006.

3rd point: There is such a thing called industrial espionage and trade secrets. If Schmidt committed industrial espionage, then the trial would have been quick. However, with all that fury no accusations were made. Only nutters online allege it.

4th point: Steve said that iPhone was developed in secret.

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