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Apple So, how serious is the legal battle between Apple and the various Android phone makers, really? Surely, it's just logical business sense that's behind it, right? Calculated, well-planned precision strikes designed to hurt Android where simply making better, more innovative products isn't enough? Well, no, not really. We already knew Steve Jobs took this personal - now we know just how personal.
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1. Scientists can't do research without funding. The Gates Foundation is the largest single source of funding for malaria eradication. Bill Gates has stated on a number of occasions that the total elimination of malaria is his primary goal. He has raised the profile of malaria research so that that funding has increased 15-fold in less than a decade.

2. Rockefeller University, Carnegie-Mellon university etc.

There would have been no Renaissance if it wasn't for the "evil" Borgias, Medecis etc.

Don't let a few inconvenient facts get in the road of your anti-capitalist rant.

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