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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember back when Nokia jumped to Windows Phone 7, abandoning all other platforms and future directions? Remember Elop's infamous 'burning platform' memo was coveniently 'leaked' to the web? Remember how Elop claimed Windows Phone 7 was the only way forward, since nothing else inside the company would be ready for prime time soon enough? Remember how I thought this was a very good and sane decision? Well, the first reviews of what will be the only MeeGo handset from Nokia (the N9) are in, and well... To whoever decided to go WP7 and ditch MeeGo: I don't like you. To myself: I'm an idiot for arguing this was a good idea.
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by kristoph on Sun 23rd Oct 2011 02:00 UTC
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I am struggling to understand why you think the MeeGo UI is 'incredibly interesting'?

The app tray looks very much like Android. You've been freequently railing about the traditional icon view on both iOS and Android so this is not really interesting, right?

The notification system is virtually identical to iOS and Android. So that's not really interesting, right?

The running app view is sort of interesting but not, you know, 'really interesting' because it's just some running app images.

The settings are virtually a copy of Android.

The contacts and their associated services are nicely integrated, better then iOS or Android in some cases but not as well in others. Windows Phone 7 is certainly much more solid in this respect.

The OS apparently gets 'bogged down' if you leave a lot of running apps.

The browser is a bit weak as the reviewer notes.

Also the phone is, essentially, equal in performance to last years Android devices. It's much more attractive certainly but that's it's most redeeming feature.

So, in general, this is, you know, a decent device. It has a few nice ideas in the OS but nothing outstanding. It may be the best device Nokia has ever built but it's not an Android or iOS 'killer' or even a really solid competitor.

All that said I think that Nokia made a good call in killing their OS effort in favor of OEMing an OS though I do think locking into Window Phone was a bit dumb. If your going to OEM why not OEM Android too to get better customer reach?

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