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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember back when Nokia jumped to Windows Phone 7, abandoning all other platforms and future directions? Remember Elop's infamous 'burning platform' memo was coveniently 'leaked' to the web? Remember how Elop claimed Windows Phone 7 was the only way forward, since nothing else inside the company would be ready for prime time soon enough? Remember how I thought this was a very good and sane decision? Well, the first reviews of what will be the only MeeGo handset from Nokia (the N9) are in, and well... To whoever decided to go WP7 and ditch MeeGo: I don't like you. To myself: I'm an idiot for arguing this was a good idea.
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I'm not talking about a collection of command line tools that you can hobble together to resemble something easy to use.

A collection of command line tools that I combine together is easy to use, as opposed to the integrated candy land that is visual studio. VS is a good editor and a decent debugger, but everything else is crap (and did I mention it's SLOW?)

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