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OSNews, Generic OSes Considering the polarising topic of software patents and related IP litigation is coming up a lot lately, I felt the need to write a few words on this thing called 'bias'. This word is being thrown around a lot, but I get the feeling many people are unclear as to what, exactly, it means. Because contrary to popular opinion, there's nothing wrong with being being biased. In fact, there's no such thing as unbiased blogging (or even unbiased journalism).
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Reporting Bias
by Alfman on Tue 25th Oct 2011 05:36 UTC
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It's natural for all people, including reporters, to be biased. I think it's ok here because people can debate it in the open. What I hate is when reporters publish a biased article masquerading as being unbiased or using straw man style objectivity - that is a major turn off for me but here Thom doesn't do that IMO.

I suggested an "our view, their view" format many months ago, which could help against biased reporting?

As for the choice of topics, patent lawsuits may be tiresome, but there is no denying that they are significant for today and the future. They deserve to stay on the radar. I think the gradual shift we're seeing to DRM crippled platforms deserves to stay on the radar too.

I'd really like more original & technical material where I could hone my CS skills. However that niche content would be much more difficult to find/write, and would probably alienate a significant portion of other visitors.

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