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General Development "Looking past the Metro hype, the Build conference also revealed promising road maps for C#, Visual Studio, and the .Net platform as a whole. Perhaps the most exciting demo of the conference for .Net developers, however, was Project Roslyn, a new technology that Microsoft made available yesterday as a Community Technology Preview. Roslyn aims to bring powerful new features to C#, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio, but it's really much more than that. If it succeeds, it will reinvent how we view compilers and compiled languages altogether."
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Compilers are tansformed from this classic vision of take a source file in -> generate code.

Now, every aspect of the compiler is a service. I can do metaprogramming by transforming syntax if thats what I need. I can gather data from a previously or newly compiled program (or myself) using semantics.

I can transform code at the semantic level for an even more targeted approach to metaprogramming.

I can query the Solution/Project API and perform the same syntax/semantic analysis on those documents, or whatever else I want, then save the project.

However, the more you describe it, the more it looks like they are reinventing llvm.

What surprised you most is this syntax transformation thing. But it is obviously quite possible for any modern compiler because it just translates the AST representation of a program back into same/another language.

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