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OSNews, Generic OSes Considering the polarising topic of software patents and related IP litigation is coming up a lot lately, I felt the need to write a few words on this thing called 'bias'. This word is being thrown around a lot, but I get the feeling many people are unclear as to what, exactly, it means. Because contrary to popular opinion, there's nothing wrong with being being biased. In fact, there's no such thing as unbiased blogging (or even unbiased journalism).
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RE[6]: the problem
by MOS6510 on Tue 25th Oct 2011 19:17 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: the problem"
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I can spend time making a list, but I doubt it would make you see the light. Over the years I have seen many requests fot examples, always were they waived off. We have had a couple of arguments, most regarding what you want examples of.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems others in this same comments section have this impression of you.

I read a lot of news on a number of sites and you're the only one that gives me this impression.

You are a good writer, you do a lot of work, all of us enjoy this site (despite your dark side). When we say what can be improved it's not us having fun attacking you, it's our love for this site.

Please be biased toward BeOS or NT, tell us, make us curious, spread the positive vibes, but don't be so negative about things you don't like or people who don't share your opinion.

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