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General Development The news already hit HackerNews late last night, but at that time there was no confirmation so I decided to wait until we knew for sure. Well, after Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs, the technology world lost another great mind yesterday. Stanford has confirmed that John McCarthy, the creator of LISP and the father of artificial intelligence, has passed away, age 84.
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RE[2]: Oddly enough
by BeamishBoy on Tue 25th Oct 2011 19:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Oddly enough"
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LISP is still my favourite. The cleanest programming language and still the most powerful.

Well, I'm really having a blast learning it but I'd disagree (albeit slightly) on both points.

I find it clean in the sense that the logic behind Lisp code is very intuitive but the forest of parens makes it a bit difficult to read at times.

And, although this is ludicrously suggestive, I'm not sure its as powerful a language as more modern functional languages either. I find Haskell, Erlang, and Scala in particular to be more expressive (and hence more powerful in my opinion) than Lisp.

Then again, I still know nowhere near as much about Lisp as I'd like to so I fully expect my opinions to change entirely in about a month. ;-)

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