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General Development "Looking past the Metro hype, the Build conference also revealed promising road maps for C#, Visual Studio, and the .Net platform as a whole. Perhaps the most exciting demo of the conference for .Net developers, however, was Project Roslyn, a new technology that Microsoft made available yesterday as a Community Technology Preview. Roslyn aims to bring powerful new features to C#, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio, but it's really much more than that. If it succeeds, it will reinvent how we view compilers and compiled languages altogether."
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MS dev tools was bad well into the mid 90's. In fact, they only started getting good when Hejlsberg was hired in '96.

BS. I used VS, Watcom, *and* Borland tools, going back to the 80s. VS was already pretty well-integrated in the early 90s.

That's beside the point. MS dev tools wasn't "always" good. Period.

Right, said the pendantic.

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