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Multimedia, AV has published an article titled "The Case for Piracy". The writer shows how copyright has been hijacked by corporations and that publishers are their own worst enemies. "One of the main reasons we all have anti-piracy slogans embedded in our brains is because the music industry chose to try and protect its existing market and revenue streams at all costs and marginalise and vilify those who didn't want to conform to the harsh new rules being set."
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RE[2]: What can you do ...
by WorknMan on Wed 26th Oct 2011 00:17 UTC in reply to "RE: What can you do ..."
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Now to your you don't need to watch/listen to it point: beauty and art are a core part of most animal forms, mostly to attract mates (mostly of the other sex). Mankind has evolved it a bit further than that, nevertheless, without it live would be boring.

So learn how to play a musical instrument and get laid... problem solved ;)

I can personally attest that life is certainly NOT boring without this stuff. In fact, it only gets better when you realize that all of that endless, mindless entertainment is merely a distraction that keeps you from doing and having the things in life that you've always dreamed of.

Honestly, there isn't much 'beauty' in anything the content industry is pushing out these days, and there's enough free music and literature out there to last a lifetime.

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