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General Development The news already hit HackerNews late last night, but at that time there was no confirmation so I decided to wait until we knew for sure. Well, after Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs, the technology world lost another great mind yesterday. Stanford has confirmed that John McCarthy, the creator of LISP and the father of artificial intelligence, has passed away, age 84.
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by BlueofRainbow on Wed 26th Oct 2011 04:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Window"
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Fascinating, and also a bit sad, to note only 9 comments nearly 12 hours since the posting of the news. The posting about the passing of Steve Jobs was approaching the 100 comments after that much time(if I remember well).

Then again, many of us got a refresh of who was Steve Jobs and what he did through the extensive media coverage of the Apple showcases of new products.

Neither Denis Richie nor John McCarthy had this much exposure in the general public. For many, they were names of pioneers encountered whenever starting to learn C or LISP.

LISP and all those parentheses:

->(setq sunset-of-this-era (passing-of-pioneers (October 2011)))
("Steve Jobs" "Denis Richie" "John McCarthy" "Many Others")

->(setq dawn-of-next-era (time-warp-one-generation-ahead (October 2011)))

We do not know yet who will be revered to the same extent one generation from now!

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