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Windows Ten years ago today, Microsoft launched what would become the world's most popular desktop operating system - for better or worse. Its interface colours were... Interesting (trying hard to avoid bias here, folks, bear with me now). Its early performance was... Not always entirely up to par. Its security track record was... Well, it sucked hard in that department (I tried). We're ten years down the line, and thanks to Vista, way too many people are still using this relic.
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by greygandalf on Wed 26th Oct 2011 07:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by renam"
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I can't agree more. XP SP3 serves well. Once properly upgraded it is reasonably fast, reliable and stays out of the way. Of course, the first things I did was disable its theme, the new start menu, desktop.. turning it into an updated version of Win2000.
In fact, I still think W2k was one of the best versions of Windows ever. WinXP improved it, but also came with a lot of "unnecessary" stuff with it.

That's not to say WinXP is the best OS, it is one of the most usable Windows versions!

My netbook came with WinXP when Vista was already around for months. There must be a reason...

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