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Apple Appleinsider writes: "An anticipated Apple high-definition television set, complete with iOS features including Siri voice commands, FaceTime video chat and access to the App Store, would be a strong product in a massive $100 billion market, according to a new analysis." Last year I explained my vision of a smart TV too (read the comment), and my ideas were pretty much the same thing AppleInsider discusses about today. Back then I was almost laughed at by most OSNews residents for these ideas. I have the feeling that the people who then found my ideas ridiculous, they'll now find a possible Apple smart TV "natural" and "revolutionary".
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I see where you're coming from, but if you're talking about throwing things away, you're pointing your venom in the wrong direction. People don't throw away older Apple hardware. They sell it. For various reasons, Apple devices by and large have a substantially longer usable life than generic PCs and other tech devices. Not only do they generally keep working, but one quick glance at ebay will tell you that there are people out there who will pay good money for seven year old Apple laptops. I've owned a lot of Apple hardware in my life and not once have I thrown one in the trash or taken it to an ewaste recycling center. Eventually I suppose, someone will throw it away, but I'm sure that on average it gets a lot more usable life than devices from other manufacturers -- making it more "green."

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