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OSNews, Generic OSes Considering the polarising topic of software patents and related IP litigation is coming up a lot lately, I felt the need to write a few words on this thing called 'bias'. This word is being thrown around a lot, but I get the feeling many people are unclear as to what, exactly, it means. Because contrary to popular opinion, there's nothing wrong with being being biased. In fact, there's no such thing as unbiased blogging (or even unbiased journalism).
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by MacTO on Thu 27th Oct 2011 00:03 UTC in reply to "Panties..."
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Biased reporting is a problem because it creates polarization, a situation where neither side is right because their views are so extreme that they deny the truth. Reading stories from both sides of the spectrum doesn't really help either because both sides are so full of lies that the reader ends up choosing a truth based upon opinions rather than reality.

While I agree that there is no such thing as unbiased reporting, and that it is dangerous to assume that the most balanced story is actually unbiased, I do believe that a reporter who tries to represent both sides (honestly) will present something closer to the truth. After all, they are closer to the primary sources.

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