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General Development The news already hit HackerNews late last night, but at that time there was no confirmation so I decided to wait until we knew for sure. Well, after Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs, the technology world lost another great mind yesterday. Stanford has confirmed that John McCarthy, the creator of LISP and the father of artificial intelligence, has passed away, age 84.
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I saw him at a seminar once
by tylerdurden on Thu 27th Oct 2011 02:00 UTC
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Terrific guy, he must have been in his 70s then and was sharp as a tack.

Functional programming always seemed more natural to me, or at least it was easier to translate between the math and algorithmic representation of the solution for the machine. So I have always enjoyed hacking in LISP, and Scheme in particular.

McCarthy made fundamental theoretical discoveries and contributions to CS. RIP.

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