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Mozilla & Gecko clones "In a move that will raise eyebrows, Mozilla is now distributing a version of Firefox that uses Bing as the default search provider instead of Google. Rest assured that this is a joint project, though: the creatively-named Firefox with Bing website is run by Microsoft, and both Mozilla and MS are clear that this is a joint venture. Now, don't get too excited - the default version of Firefox available from is still backed by Google, and there's no mention of an alternative, Bingy download anywhere on the site - but it's worth noting that Mozilla has been testing Bing's capabilities using Test Pilot over the last couple of months, and the release of Firefox with Bing indicates that Mozilla is now confident in Bing's ability to provide a top-notch service to Firefox users." Test pilot or not, I'm stockpiling more baked beans.
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RE: Anyone try it?
by ssokolow on Thu 27th Oct 2011 05:57 UTC in reply to "Anyone try it?"
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The address bar search isn't hard-coded at all, just older than the search box and not integrated with it.

Pop open about:config and filter for keyword..

I also usually get rid of the search box altogether and re-implement keyword searches like "yt Nyan Cat" via keyword bookmarks (also been around since pre-1.x Mozilla Suite) because search box keywords don't show in the awesome bar while keyword bookmarks do.

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