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Google "Google's Hugo Barra confirmed that the latest version of Android will be delivered as a free upgrade to the existing Nexus S handset 'within weeks'. He said the search giant was aiming to get the software to owners of the previous flagship phone shortly after the release of the new Galaxy Nexus handset next month, well in time for Christmas. Owners of the first official Google phone, the Nexus One, will not be getting the upgrade, however. Barra said the hardware was simply too old to run the new operating system." Can someone enlighten me - the Nexus One has 512MB of RAM, a 1Ghz processor, and a 480x800 AMOLED or SuperLCD. Why on earth isn't this thing upgraded to ICS? Lameballs.
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Old and incapable
by wocowboy on Thu 27th Oct 2011 09:49 UTC
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I have Nexus One. It is a beautiful phone, but it has always suffered the same problems of all Androids, jerky video, jerky movements of the interface, and endless crashes of apps, etc. The 512 Mb of internal storage is just ridiculous and gives warnings of running out of space all the time when you update apps or do anything with the phone. I have an 8 Gb memory card installed in the thing, but the vast majority of Android apps cannot be installed onto external memory, so what good is it to have all this space if you cannot use it? This phone is being relegated to the "old stuff" box while I enjoy the silky smooth interface of my new iPhone 4S.

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