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Google "As an online discussion about iOS vs. Android grows longer, the probability of someone bringing up this link approaches 1." The argument goes that before the iPhone, Android looked like a BlackBerry clone, and after the iPhone, it suddenly turned into an iOS clone. While this argument, with its pictures, is snappy and easily digestible, it doesn't actually seem to be supported by the facts.
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RE[2]: iOS not flexible?
by jack_perry on Thu 27th Oct 2011 18:12 UTC in reply to "RE: iOS not flexible?"
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"Actually, iOS is a variant of Mac OSX. That suggests to me that iOS is more flexible than Android -- inasmuch as I am unaware of any Android-based desktops or laptops. If such exist, I guess that puts them on par.

iOS is derived from Mac OS X in the same way Android is derived from Linux - in other words, they're not all that similar beyond the core operating system.

I don't see how your statement disagrees with mine.

That said, my understanding is that Android contains little of GNU/Linux beyond the Linux kernel, with freshly-written services, device drivers, etc. on top of it -- much like WebOS. iOS, on the other hand, contains much more of OSX than XNU. I'm not sure of that, though; I'm inferring from what I've read.

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