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Mozilla & Gecko clones "If you're a Mozilla Firefox user, you will probably notice the close resemblance Flock has with Firefox. Though the browser is in fact based on Firefox, Bart Decrem, the team leader of the project, says Flock won't be forking the Firefox codebase. Still this Flock preview on the outside looks like Firefox but with a different theme. So would a Firefox user be missing anything by sticking with Firefox? Let's explore some of the features that makes Flock different from the rest."
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RE: Extensions
by kkamrani on Fri 21st Oct 2005 22:03 UTC in reply to "Extensions"
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Excellent question. I wonder that too... part of what has made FireFox such an excellent and popular product is the modularity of it with extensions. This enabled the user to install and remove features, which was a big change from the other more 'bloated' Mozilla browsers, think Netscape. Once upon a time Netscape was just a browser, and then it got stuffed with features that some say over complicated simple browsing... which paved way for FireFox.

So why go and do that all over again?

A built in blogging tool, RSS, and 'search' functionality of the history on top of a new theme seems all stuff that coulda been simply extensions... but hey that's just me.

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