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Google "As an online discussion about iOS vs. Android grows longer, the probability of someone bringing up this link approaches 1." The argument goes that before the iPhone, Android looked like a BlackBerry clone, and after the iPhone, it suddenly turned into an iOS clone. While this argument, with its pictures, is snappy and easily digestible, it doesn't actually seem to be supported by the facts.
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RE[13]: Comment by frderi
by Budd on Fri 28th Oct 2011 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[12]: Comment by frderi"
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Bullshit. I experienced both (I have had about 7 or 8 Macs since 2004), and both sucked. Macs break down just as often as PCs do. Because, you know, they use the exact same components. At least with a PC you have the option of buying decent components, instead of Apple's habit of choosing low-quality components and charging the moon for them.
Actually this is irrelevant as all these macs you have bought were 2nd hand.
It is an absolute myth that Macs are more resilient of whatever than PCs.
Actually I am still running on my 2002 Quicksilver. What a machine, it boots in about 5 seconds (granted, I am using universal user) and very fluent under Tiger. I do agree that Flash speed sucks big time on this one. I also have a 2008 MacBook Pro which is by far the best laptop I ever owned (maybe my old IBM Thinkpad was the same quality). The Lenovo Thinkpad I am using right now is going to be replaced (after the mobo and keyboard was changed). My oppinion is that you can keep a Mac longer than other PC (maybe those rugged and cool laptops are a exception but they are very expensive and Linux support on them is not so brilliant)

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