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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember when Apple surpassed Nokia to become the world's best-selling smartphone manufacturer? Well, Apple only had one quarter to enjoy this title, since Samsung just soared past them by quadrupling its smartphone shipments, making Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Update: As was noted in the comments, Apple also uses shipments - they just call them sales. Straight from their SEC filing.
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RE: Click bait...
by dragossh on Fri 28th Oct 2011 16:36 UTC in reply to "Click bait..."
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I have used iOS and Android before jumping to Windows Phone 7 about two months ago. And let me tell you this: the OS totally rocks. Not only does the interface stay out of my way (hello Android!), it's also good looking and has tons of nice little touches that you rarely find in software nowadays.

Would you mind sharing what looked like a mess and made little sense for real world usage? I find the "jump in and jump out" (or whatever slogan MS used in their ads) is actually true. I've pinned my most important items at the top of my screen, and with just a swipe I have access to: how many calls and messages I had, what's new on FB, how many unread emails I have, what's coming up next (Google Calendar, Facebook, Windows Live), and my todo list. Then if I swipe down I have weather and a few other shortcuts to apps I frequently use. I find this way better than having 10 widgets on 5 home screens along with 15 notifications in the notification bar.

I also didn't notice the lack of any major apps I need. Most of what I want -- media player, RSS reader, chat, Office, email, web browser -- is already there or is available in the Marketplace.

But maybe I'm just odd and I'm one of the 3 people liking Metro. It certainly doesn't seem to click that well with the majority of people.

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