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Apple Appleinsider writes: "An anticipated Apple high-definition television set, complete with iOS features including Siri voice commands, FaceTime video chat and access to the App Store, would be a strong product in a massive $100 billion market, according to a new analysis." Last year I explained my vision of a smart TV too (read the comment), and my ideas were pretty much the same thing AppleInsider discusses about today. Back then I was almost laughed at by most OSNews residents for these ideas. I have the feeling that the people who then found my ideas ridiculous, they'll now find a possible Apple smart TV "natural" and "revolutionary".
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by zima on Sat 29th Oct 2011 15:20 UTC in reply to "Comment Title"
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Actually, I would love for Apple to enter into cars (some sort of dashboards of theirs / stock secondary controls solution / provider of head units)

They aren't anywhere near the only entity more or less valuing minimalist design, but they are one of very few which have "hip" consumer clout in the US, a place among most profligate with cars, so ultimately greatly impacting by its whims the overall direction of manufacturers - and they need a wake up kick (even the usual distorted views, about the overall market, of loud consumers in few atypical places would be almost certainly worth it)

UIs of new cars are getting atrocious right now. This is one of the areas where "less is more" is very, very true. It's not far (at my place, where this rubbish didn't yet quite trickle "down") from getting so bad that "econoboxes" are simply better* inside, by the virtue of not being overloaded by a galore of frivolous gadgets, dictating a horrible UI which hijacks most of interactions / what is mostly a hardly useful ballast (not in the mass sense of course, but competing for attention & masking what is crucial)

*particularly when paired with a decent smartphone (Apple, Android, "even" Symbian, whatever)

Weird that Steve Jobs didn't push for this - wasn't he driving some top of the line Mercedes for the last few years? (and they are among the atrocious like that offenders)

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