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Hardware, Embedded Systems Big news from ARM over the past few days. The processor architecture, once strictly an embedded affair for low-power devices, is going big. Not only has ARM announced it's going 64bit, HP has announced it's going to build servers with ARM processors. It seems all the pieces are now in place for ARM.
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RE: Late to the party...
by BlueofRainbow on Sat 29th Oct 2011 20:15 UTC in reply to "Late to the party..."
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Often it's better late to the party than never.

Aren't the iPad and iPhone based on ARM CPUs?

Isn't everyone trying to grab a share of the smartphone and tablet market?

Also, are there now more netbooks/notebooks sold to consumers than desktops to end-users?

From what I remember of Apple's history, they have switched over CPU architecture every 10 years or so. It would not be surprising to see Apple switching completely to ARM-64Bit within the next couple of years - it's been almost a 10 year wedding to the Intel's X86 one.

Such switch may bring an end to the Hackintosh era...

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