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Zeta YellowTAB, makers of BeOS' successor ZETA, released a free live version of their operating system. You can download it for free here (click "zum download"). It's a *.cue file and the download is 175 MB. Note: I cannot ... not approved ... It has been confirmed.
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not complaining, but...
by zeos386sx on Fri 21st Oct 2005 23:20 UTC
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for some reason the livecd doesnt like my video card or maybe my monitor. i have nvidia 6600gt and a relisys 770 monitor. everything boots up and i hear some login sound, but the monitor goes blank after the zeta booting screen. kinda like the frequncy is out of range or something. i read somewhere that it defaults to 800x600 which should work; unless they're trying to have a 120Hz refresh or something.

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