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Google "Let's not mince words here: This 'Android and iPhone Update History' chart [OSNews item] is not a good chart. Oh, it's a pretty chart, to be sure artfully illustrated and researched. But this chart - done up by Michael Degusta at The Understatement and reposted by anyone unable to think clearly, apparently - is not a good chart. Or at the very least, it fails to recognize a fundamental difference between Android and iOS and the iPhone."
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I don't get it.
by leos on Sun 30th Oct 2011 02:08 UTC
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Was there a point in this article?

Yes, it's no big surprise that a cut-rate Android phone doesn't get good after sale support. That doesn't change the facts and the original article is good for educating people on what the compromises are.

It's also good for showing people that if they want the best Android experience they should probably go for the Google Nexus line.

The article author also made the basic mistake of thinking that the chart meant the original iPhone can run iOS 5, which is not the case and was not claimed.

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