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RISC OS Sometimes, on a rather boring and run-of-the-mill Monday, I get news in the submission queue which just puts a gigantic smile on my face. We've talked about the Raspberry Pi before on OSNews, and other than reporting that everything's on track for a Christmas launch, it has also been announced that the Raspberry Pi will be able to run... RISC OS. A British educational ARM board running RISC OS? We have come full circle. And I couldn't be happier. Update: Theo Markettos emailed me with two corrections - Markettos isn't actually a representative of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and the quoted bits are transcribed, they're not Markettos' literal words. Thanks for clearing that up!
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Comment by cptsalek
by cptsalek on Mon 31st Oct 2011 14:06 UTC
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This is really great. I was a long term RISC OS user back in the 90th. While people switched from the C=64 to the Amiga, I bought an used Archimedes 3000, after reading a special edition of germanies biggest C64 magazine, covering the Acorn machines and RISC OS.
As the machine died I got myself an Acorn RiscPC, including a 486 daughter board. Running DOS from inside WIMP was way cool. I used it for BBS purposes mainly.
Well, after switching to Linux and selling my Acorn Hardware I occassionally thought longingly about RISC OS.
The Raspberry Pi is a nice place to start with RISC OS again, although I'd love to see it running on an ARM based netbook.

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